8 tips for safe towing this summer

It is very important to ‘brush up on the basics’ before you head off on your Summer Holiday to ensure you are towing safely. Here are some tips from our Simon Lucas Mitsubishi experts:

  1. Ensure your trailer has a current WOF, Registration label & plate. The characters on the registration plate must be unobstructed at all times, and be lit by a white light that doesn’t dazzle following drivers.
  2. Check all lights are working on your trailer.
  3. Check for signs of wear or damage on the tyres and check their pressures.
  4. Clean all lights and reflectors.
  5. Check the tow coupling and brake mechanisms are well lubricated.
  6. Test for indications of worn wheel bearings, jack the trailer & spin the wheels, listening out for any rumbling noises.
  7. Be mindful of the weight you are carrying. Every light vehicle and trailer combination is legally required to stop within a distance of seven metres from a speed of 30km/h. Therefore, it’s important to be mindful of the weight that you’re adding to your vehicle as overloading could prevent the towing vehicle from meeting the brake performance requirement.
  8. Don’t overload. Overloading can compromise the vehicle’s cooling system, transmission, clutch, and even the engine longevity. You can always check your vehicle’s handbook if you’re unsure as it should provide the maximum loading weight and the unladen weight of your car. Taking the maximum weight minus the unladen weight will you give you the actual maximum load that a vehicle can carry.


Photo courtesy of Chris Graham, Triton customer


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Happy towing!