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Mitsubishi Triton 2024 Price

14 December 2023

Triton fans rejoice - the wait is almost over. The release of the 2024 Mitsubishi Triton is just around the corner, and it looks like Mitsubishi pulled no punches with the latest iteration of the iconic ute. Redesigned from the ground up, every cm of the highly versatile vehicle has been improved, seamlessly blurring the line between efficiency and aesthetics that is sure to set a precedent for the entire class. The 2024 Mitsubishi Triton is a remarkable blend of work and play, offering an impressive combination of an increased overall size, a bold and ferocious new look, and uncompromising features. With its state-of-the-art 4N16 clean diesel engine, Mitsubishi Super Select II 4WD, redesigned ladder chassis for superior handling, an increased tray, and a refreshed and modern exterior and interior, the 2024 Mitsubishi Triton takes no prisoners. Whether on the worksite or taking on the great outdoors,the 2024 Triton is ready for whatever you can throw at it.

Needless to say, the level of excitement surrounding its release is deafening.


How Much Will the 2024 Mitsubishi Triton Cost?

As with previous releases, the 2024 Mitsubishi Triton line-up features a range of variations to meet a wide range of use cases. The single cab chassis 2WD base model variation, the 2024 Triton 2.4D GLX 2WD 6AT is set to be released for $38,690 + Delivery Costs while the base model single cab chassis four-wheel drive variation,  the 2024 Triton 2.4D GLX 4WD 6AT will be $43,990 + Delivery Costs.

While the GLX line may be classed as entry-level variants, they are still packed with features. The entire lineup is powered by Mitsubishi's brand new, ground-breaking 4N16 clean diesel engine and the 4WD iterations feature the latest version of Mitsubishi's renowned Super Select II 4WD system. In terms of safety features, all options include Front Cross Traffic Alert and a Driver Monitoring System paired with an extensive range of both active and passive safety technologies.  Included in all variants are Forward Collision Mitigation, Adaptive Cruise Control, and well-designed airbag systems that include a centre airbag. In terms of comfort and convenience, all variants include Automatic Air Conditioning, a 7-inch drivers’s display meter, and a 9-inch Smartphone Link Display System compatible with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Comparing this to the base models of the current Triton line-up, the previous Triton 2WD GLX Single Cab Chassis is currently available (at the time of writing this) for $34,990 + Delivery Costs while the Triton 4WD GLX Single Cab Chassis is available for $39,250 + DC. Taking the considerable upgrades and modernization of the 2024 Triton, it definitely makes sense to wait for the latest model even given the slight price variation.

For those looking for more extensive features, the Triton line-up offers a huge amount of variety across its diverse line-up. This includes their higher-spec models such as the GLXR and VRX models which include a range of additional comfort and safety features. Pricing varies based on the spec of the Triton, whether it is 2WD or 4WD as well as its configuration.

For those after a double cab variation, the Triton is available as a 2WD GLX Wellside and Chassis are priced at $43,990 + DC and $41,990 + DC, 2WD GLXR Wellside and Chassis are priced at $46,990 + DC and $44,990 + DC, and finally the 2WD VRX Wellside and Chassis priced are at  $51,990 + DC and $49,990 + DC. For their 4WD counterparts, the 4WD GLX Wellside and Chassis are priced at $50,740 + DC and $48,740 + DC, 4WD GLXR Wellside and Chassis are priced at $53,990 + DC and $51,990 + DC, and current top-of-the-line 4WD VRX Wellside and Chassis priced at $59,990 + DC and $57,990 + DC.

The 4WD lineup of the 2024 Triton is also available as a club cab, with the GLX Chassis and Wellside versions being available for  $46,740 + DC and $48,740 + DC.


Price (Inc. GST)

SC CH 2.4D GLX 2WD 6AT $38,690.00 + DC
DC CH 2.4D GLX 2WD 6AT $41,990.00 + DC
DC WS 2.4D GLX 2WD 6AT $43,990.00 + DC
DC CH 2.4D GLXR 2WD 6AT $44,990.00 + DC
DC WS 2.4D GLXR 2WD 6AT $46,990.00 + DC
DC CH 2.4D VRX 2WD 6AT $49,990.00 + DC
DC WS 2.4D VRX 2WD 6AT $51,990.00 + DC
SC CH 2.4D GLX 4WD 6AT $43,990.00 + DC
CC CH 2.4D GLX 4WD 6AT $46,740.00 + DC
CC WS 2.4D GLX 4WD 6AT $48,740.00 + DC
DC CH 2.4D GLX 4WD 6AT $48,740.00 + DC
DC WS 2.4D GLX 4WD 6AT $50,740.00 + DC
DC CH 2.4D GLXR 4WD 6AT $51,990.00 + DC
DC WS 2.4D GLXR 4WD 6AT $53,990.00 + DC
DC CH 2.4D VRX 4WD 6AT $57,990.00 + DC
DC WS 2.4D VRX 4WD 6AT $59,990.00 + DC



2024 Triton First Impressions

While many ute fans have combed over every detail of press releases, marketing collateral and videos released regarding the Triton, we all know that the proof isn’t in the pudding, it’s in the tasting. Specs aside, what everyone really wants to know is what is the driving experience like? Does it live up to the hype? Well our very own Sean Parrey, General Manager at Simon Lucas Mitsubishi was fortunate enough to get behind the wheel of the Next Generation Triton. Here’s what he had to say.

“Recently, I was very lucky to be one of the very first people to see and drive the Next Gen Triton at a secret location. I was taken back by just how good the new design looks, and can confirm that Mitsubishi have really redesigned the Triton from the ground up. When it came to driving the beast, it felt like driving a comfortable and stylish Outlander - a sensation that’s unheard of for a ute. Its performance and handling were incredible, nothing like the utes of years gone by. The VRX 4WD model that I drove on the day was jam packed with both technology and safety, which made me feel at ease and truly appreciate the driving experience. This package is exceptional, the New Generation Triton is indeed a beast to behold, and I think the pricing reflects the best value today on the NZ market.”


What is the Release Date of the 2024 Triton?

Mark your calendars, because the beast is on its way. The wait for the 2024 Mitsubishi Triton won’t be much longer - the new Triton is expected to touch down on New Zealand shores in February 2024. But don't wait until it's too late, if the recent releases of Mitsubishi's latest vehicles are anything to go by, this first container of brand-new Triton will drive straight off the boat into the driveways of their avid fans. So make sure you get in contact with Simon Lucas Mitsubishi as soon as possible to secure your 2024 Triton. Swing by our North Shore showroom to talk to our expert team to figure out which Triton is tailored to your needs, book a test drive, or get in contact online.


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