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24 February 2020

The Mitsubishi Triton is a big, powerful ute, that's had over 2,400 changes and enhancements to its design and technology in the newest model. With an overhaul to the body and a plethora of new technological innovations, it's a whole lot of automobile. Need to know all the nitty-gritty details about the ute in a hurry, but feel like it might be too much to take in all at once? Never fear; we've made the important bits simple with these quick stats so that the Mitsubishi Triton Specs can blow you away. 


What are the Triton's Dimensions?

The width/height dimensions of Mitsubishi Triton vehicles vary slightly, depending on whether you purchase the single cab (GLX 2WD AUTO: 1,815 / 1,780mm, GLX 4WD AUTO: 1,815 / 1,785 mm), club cab (1,815 / 1,780 mm) or one of the double cab models (either 1,815 / 1,795 mm or 1,815 / 1,780 mm depending on the make). All Triton models have a ground clearance of 200mm or more. 


How Much does the Triton Weigh?

Depending on whether you're going with either a 2 seat or 5 seat vehicle, and what accessories are attached, the weight of the Triton varies. It goes from a low kerb/gross vehicle weight of 1,580 / 2,720 kg (GLX 2WD) up to a top of 1,995 / 2,900 kg (VRX 4WD). 


What is the Triton's Pay Load?

The total payload of the new Triton ranges from a low of 905kg (VRX 4WD) up to a maximum of 1,190 kg (GLX 4WD). 


What about the Towing Capacity?

The most powerful towing capacities are found in the 4WD GLX, GLX-R, and VRX styles, all of which boast a whopping 3.5T braked towing capacity. The Triton with the lowest towing power is the GLX 2WD, but it's no slouch with an impressive braked towing capacity of 2.5T. 


What is the Turning Circle?

Every Triton in the newest range has an optimum turning radius of 11.8 metres. 


How Big is the Fuel tank and what is the Fuel Consumption?

Every incarnation of the 2019 Mitsubishi Triton has a 75L fuel tank. Fuel consumption, however, varies from one model to another. It ranges from 7.7 L/100km in the GLX-R Manual, to 7.9 L/100km in the GLX 4WD Manual, up to 8.6L/100km in the GLX 4WD AUTO. 


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