25 March 2015

People love to know how to get the most out of their vehicle, so we gathered some economical tips to remember when you’re out and about in the Outlander PHEV.

1. Use Economy mode.

We’ll start with the most obvious. By simply pressing the ECO button, the PHEV’s fuel economy is maximised by limiting performance aspects like acceleration rate and air-conditioning.


2. Avoid hard braking.

Anticipate your stopping when you can and brake gently and moderately. This makes the PHEV’s regenerative braking system kick in and recover energy from the vehicle’s forward motion to store as electricity. Hard braking causes the vehicle to use its conventional friction brakes, which don’t recover energy.


3. Keep the battery charged.

Basically, this ensures you use as much electricity and as little petrol as possible; saving you fuel and money. It also keeps your electric vehicle driving range maximised. Recharging a partially charged battery won’t degrade the battery’s storage capacity in any way, so no worries there.


4. Display screens.

Familiarise yourself with the PHEV’s information display so you can monitor how much energy is being used.


5. Performance charging.

It’s always handy to keep the battery charge button on when performance is needed, like when you’re towing. The petrol engine is used to keep the battery charged while the electric motors continue to drive the vehicle.


Have any tips of your own? We’d love to hear from you.


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