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Mitsubishi Electric Vehicle Offering

24 May 2021

There’s no doubt that over the last decade we’ve started seeing a major shift in the automobile industry. Electric cars have really hit their stride and as the technology continues to evolve, more and more people are seeing the perks of having an electric vehicle parked in their garage. With every year that goes by they become more efficient, at times outperforming their fossil fuel counterparts, and as the infrastructure of New Zealand becomes increasingly more accommodating, an electric future makes sense. With government incentives just around the corner for electric car owners, you may be considering making your next car purchase one that includes this incredible technology.

If you’re on the journey to figuring out the best electric vehicle for your needs, it’s best to gain an understanding of the three main types of electric vehicles, and see some of the great options that Simon Lucas Mitsubishi has to offer.


What is a Classic Hybrid Car?

For most people, they were introduced to commercially available cars through classic hybrid models. These cars combine your typical combustion engine with an electric motor. It therefore uses traditional fuels, such as petrol or diesel, alongside electricity. The internal combustion engine works in tandem with the electric motor, battery system and control unit to provide better fuel efficiency.

The traditional combustion engine is still the workhorse at cruising speeds, providing most of the power whilst simultaneously assisting in charging the batteries. The electric motor, which is also linked to the wheels, is capable of being the main driver during low speeds.  While the car is decelerating or braking, it recovers kinaesthetic energy and converts it into electricity to recharge the battery.


What is an All Electric Car (EVs)?

All electric vehicles, or EVs, have an electric motor that replaces the traditional internal combustion vehicle. The electric motor is powered by a large traction battery pack that requires charging through a wall outlet or specialised charging equipment known as electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).

Because EVs don’t use traditional liquid fuels used in combustion engines, the vehicles produce no emissions and don’t constrain the typical liquid fuel components such as a fuel pump, fuel line or fuel tank. The time it takes to charge the car varies significantly depending on the car's battery size, and the outlet used to charge the vehicle. For instance a 40kwH battery will take approximately 11 hours to charge from the wall outlet of a kiwi home (3.4kw), or 1 hour from an EVSE, while a 75kwH battery may take 21 and 2 hours respectively. The battery size will also determine the range, sometimes referred to as the Pod Point Confidence Range, a full charge will yield. A fully charged 40kwH battery has a pod point of 230km, while a 75kwH battery may be 383km.


What is a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)?

A PHEV takes the strengths of a classic hybrid vehicle and an all-electric vehicle and attempts to find a middle ground. Similar to a classic hybrid, a PHEV has a traditional petrol or diesel combustion engine, but also has a battery for its electric motor that can be plugged in to charge in the same vein as an EV. Because of this, the PHEV battery is larger than a classic hybrid vehicle. The plug and charge system is the same as an EV, and the vehicle is capable of cruising purely on its electric motor (unlike a classic hybrid which can only do so at low speeds), but has less electrical range than an EV.

One of the issues with EV’s has coined the term “range anxiety” which is the fear that your car will run out of battery while heading to your destination. If a commercial fast charge station is not nearby, this can lead to an excessively long wait for your vehicle to charge. The PHEV gets around this by still having a combustion engine that runs off fuel, giving it a greater driving range whilst easily being able to be refuelled, but with a big enough battery that it can be a daily runner on its electrical range alone.


The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

The Mitsubishi Outlander is a tried and tested SUV that has become a part of many kiwis daily lives, whether as a work vehicle or to go on family adventures in. With the introduction of the PHEV model of this proven SUV, Mitsubishi have added the quiet, dynamic performance, incredible economy and low emissions of a PHEV to the Outlander. All this while never compromising on all the features that made the Outlander the powerhouse it’s known to be. It still has all its AWD stability and handling, advanced safety features while now including the environmental benefits of a technically advanced electric drive train.

The Outlander PHEV switches seamlessly between drive modes, its 2.4L engine working alongside its electric motors to garner 1.9L/100km, while switching the vehicle completely to electric can get you an EV range of up to 55km.

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Coming soon… The 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV

Landing on New Zealand shores soon is the much anticipated Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid, a midsize SUV that is sure to cause waves just as the Outlander PHEV did. The 2.4L naturally-aspirated four cylinder petrol engine is paired with dual electric motors. The Eclipse Cross PHEV boasts 3 drive modes - EV Mode (electric vehicle) which runs purely off the electric motors with an emission free range of up to 55 km, Series Hybrid Mode which runs the wheels exclusively off the electric motors but runs the petrol engine to keep the power topped up, and Parallel Hybrid Mode, in which the petrol engine and electric motors run in unison for extended range, performance, and fuel efficiency.

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Mitsubishi Brings its World Famous 10-Year Diamond Advantage Warranty to the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV

Mitsubishi’s 10-Year Diamond Advantage Warranty is the gold standard in the industry, and the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV joins the lineup of vehicles covered by it. The renowned Diamond Advantage includes a 10 year or 160,000km Powertrain Warranty and a bumper to bumper 5-year or 130,000km New Vehicle Warranty. The 10 year or 160,000km Powertrain Warranty covers all the major internal mechanical components that make up the engine, gearbox, transfer box and differentials. Wherever you choose to go, Mitsubishi has you covered. Eclipse Cross PHEV is also backed by an eight year / 160,000km Li-ion battery warranty.

Simon Lucas Mitsubishi is looking forward to all the future innovations this exciting development in vehicle technology has in store for our industry. If you’re dipping your toes into the world of electric vehicles, there’s no better way than trying one for yourself. Get in contact with Simon Lucas today to book a test drive and see if a PHEV is the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle.

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