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Messy Changes Rock Clean Car Discount Scheme

22 May 2023

Since its implementation in April 2022, the Clean Car Discount Scheme (CCD) has allowed thousands of Kiwis to not only be incentivised to lower their carbon footprint but also dip their toes into the latest generation of electric vehicle technology. The scheme was designed to provide a cash rebate on zero and low-emission vehicles registered in NZ for the first time whilst penalising higher-emission vehicles. Both the rebate and the additional tax were calculated based on the number of CO2 emissions a vehicle produces, with new zero-emission electric vehicles (EV) being able to receive a maximum rebate of $8,625, while the maximum penalty for high-emission vehicles was $5,175.


The CCD turned out to not only nudge customers towards cleaner vehicle options, but it also turned out to be a full shove! The response was immediate - many people chose to purchase their first PHEV or EV on the back of the incentive. Our critically acclaimed Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV was evidence of this, not only dominating Car of The Year lists but also the sales charts. While the incredible smart PHEV technology certainly drove Outlander's popularity, there's no doubt that the $5,750 rebate was its co-driver.

However, with the success of the Clean Car Discount incentivising the purchase of zero and low-emission vehicles, the reduction of the sale of higher-emission vehicles has led it to be unsustainable. The CCD was envisioned to be self-funding, with the taxation on the higher emission vehicles funding the rebate. But unfortunately with the uptick in EV and PHEV sales, the scales have tipped and the CCD is no longer sustainable in its current form. As of 1 July, the scheme is being trimmed, with rebates being reduced and penalties being increased.


(Credit: www.nzta.govt.nz/)


How do these Changes Affect You?

PHEV Customers

We've been incredibly excited to see the adoption of electric vehicle technology and the overwhelmingly positive response to both the Outlander PHEV and the 2023 Eclipse Cross PHEV. While the rebate in its current form was surely a great push for many Kiwis to get their hands on their first electric-powered vehicle, we're confident that even with the reduced incentive people will still see the value in these great vehicles. PHEVs are a great investment financially in the long term, and we do understand that the initial investment has increased but don't hesitate to talk to us - we'd be happy to run some long-term numbers by you to see how they fit into your lifestyle.


Seizing the Opportunity in the Short Term…

With that being said, you still have time to take advantage of the CCD in its current form! Simon Lucas Mitsubishi currently has a stock of both the 2023 Eclipse Cross PHEV XLS and VRX variants. Due to the stock being on the ground and ready to roll, these are available to purchase and register prior to the 1 July - meaning that you can take full advantage of the current $5,750 rebate on offer. But you'll have to be quick, with only 16 in stock at the time of writing, these are sure not to last!

View Eclipse Cross PHEV


SUV and Ute Customers

While the reduced rebate might be a hard pill to swallow, the people more likely to feel the pinch are those in the market for SUVs and utes. But don't panic just yet - Mitsubishi has a selection of popular utes and SUVs from our lineup available for purchase before the 1 July cut-off date - allowing you to avoid the increased penalty under the reformed CCD.

The incredibly popular Mitsubishi Triton GLXR is ready to be driven away today. At the time of publishing, Simon Lucas Mitsubishi has 7 Triton GLXR 2WD variants, 3 pre-registered Triton Tradie Packages and 2 of the highly sought-after Triton GLXR 4WD.

View Triton GLXR


For those after an SUV, Mitsubishi is well stocked with the fantastic, feature-packed Pajero Sport VRX. With 48 of the highly versatile vehicles in stock with Mitsubishi Motors, this is a great time to get behind the wheel of one of these feature-packed SUVs at their current price.

View Pajero Sport VRX


Time is ticking! Your window of opportunity is closing fast to avoid paying thousands in additional tax on these vehicles when 1 July rolls around. This stock will not last, with the announcement of the changes to the rebate scheme and the impending tax increase, these highly coveted models are likely to sell out fast.


A Message to Our Customers

We completely understand the frustration you may be facing with the changes being made to the CCD. We respect that buying a new car is a decision that takes careful planning and consideration, and what has likely felt like a sudden change can throw a wrench into the works. The team at Simon Lucas Mitsubishi are all hands on deck as we work towards providing ongoing communication for the ever-changing situation. We keep our finger on the pulse and will keep you updated on all the latest developments in regard to the CCD.

Customers with Orders that Arrive After 1 July

The unfortunate nature of the sudden change is that customers with the stock set to arrive after the cut-off date are likely to see a significant change, whether that be the amount they were expecting to receive from the rebate or having to stomach a larger tax penalty.


…Planning for the Long Term

While many are surprised at the short-lived success of the CCD in its current form, you still have time to take advantage of it. Don't miss out on your last chance to get behind the wheel of a New Eclipse Cross PHEV, Triton GLXR or Pajero Sport VRX for the lowest price you'll ever likely see. We have stock of all of these popular models from Mitsubishi but remember, all sales need to be finalised and vehicles need to be registered prior to the 1 July cut-off date, so get in quick. If you want more information, don't hesitate to get in contact with our helpful team today.

Simon Lucas Mitsubishi prides itself on our award-winning customer service, and keeping our customers informed and in the loop of all that is happening in the industry is part of our 360 degree approach to great service. As the government continues to iron out the kinks in the CCD, we will stay on the frontline to bring you the latest updates as the scheme continues to evolve. So stay tuned for the latest updates in regard to the Clean Car Discount.


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