2 December 2019

Electric motors are excellent for pulling heavy loads. In fact, electric vehicles (EVs) are naturally better at towing than internal combustion engines due to the high amount of torque they can create from standstill. While EVs and hybrids have plenty of pulling power and torque, their performance, range and economy can be significantly affected by towing. 

Many manufacturers have not designed their EVs to be able to resist the forces towing imposes as it’s just not a priority in electric car design at the moment. This doesn’t mean there aren’t EVs and hybrids that can tow. In fact, there are a few options available on the market.  

EVs and Hybrids That Can Tow

Smaller EVs and hybrids don’t offer a towing capacity, but several other electrified vehicles on the market can reliably lug a load. This includes the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and similar hybrids on the market. The only fully electric car that is capable of towing is the Tesla Model X.  

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is the most affordable electrified car capable of towing. This petrol-electric SUV weighs 200kg more than the petrol-powered versions, but this only adds a 100kg penalty to the braked towing capacity. Normal Outlanders can tow up to 2000kg while the Hybrid pulls a still impressive 1500kg. The Outlander PHEV is engineered to perform:  the twin electric motors are supported by an efficient 2.4L petrol engine, with 4WD for better grip and control. The battery can be fast-charged in 25 minutes and is protected by an 8 year warranty. So no reasons to worry.  


Factors that Affect Towing Capacity in Electric Cars

EV range is drastically reduced by towing, but hybrids have a back up option in their combustion engine. Since the latter also has the extra weight of their batteries to haul, they often end up consuming more fuel than similar conventional combustion engine vehicles, but only if the battery goes flat. The additional weight of the batteries also adds to the total weight of the vehicle and trailer, meaning any weight added to the vehicle needs to be subtracted from the trailer, reducing the overall towing capacity. 


Can Electric Cars Tow a Caravan?

Some EVs and many hybrids are capable of towing a caravan. A good weight ratio between the vehicle and the caravan is needed as well as good weight distribution, which will help avoid the caravan from snaking (weaving side to side) whilst driving. Since EVs and hybrids are typically heavier than their internal combustion engine counterparts, this is a bonus for drivers hoping to tow their caravan.  

Some EVs have a battery distributed along the length of the car, which helps with the weight distribution. Unlike many hybrids, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has two electric motors on each axle which helps with weight distribution. This makes it better suited than other options for caravan towing.  

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