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4 Extra Benefits of the 2021 Mitsubishi Triton - Simon Lucas

24 May 2021

At Simon Lucas Mitsubishi, we’ve been singing the praises for the Mitsubishi Triton range of utes for years. Often perceived as the underdog of the ute market, the features that Mitusbishi have managed to pack into these vehicles is astounding, especially in relation to their price point. They aren’t afraid to push the boundaries, boldly leading the market with their safety features and holding their own when compared to their competitors.

But while we can compare performance stats of these brilliant vehicles all day, the Triton has a few aces up its sleeve when it comes to actually owning the vehicle and how it fits into your lifestyle. While people often look at horse and towing power, they sometimes miss some of the benefits of features that they’ll engage with every day. And while the Triton definitely holds its ground in performance, these additional features make it the perfect companion to almost any lifestyle.


A Seamless User Experience From Start to Finish

The term “user experience” is one often associated with tech and not cars. However, as time has gone on the relationship between cars and technology has strengthened and will only increase each and every year. Technology is used to enhance the experience of interacting with your vehicles. Limiting as many frustrations as possible so that you can focus on your day is one of Triton's strong points. It all starts from the keyless entry and ignition. Merely removing the need to fumble for your keys on a stressful day pays dividends when this task can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. It may sound hyperbolic, but it is a situation we can all relate to.

Pair this with the Triton’s Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities, and the transition from walking to your car and being on the road is seamless. Apple CarPlay or Android Auto handling your navigation, music, phone calls and text messages makes it so easy to stay on the go without missing a beat. Voice and controls on the steering wheel allows you to stay focused and get on with your day without any frustrations.


Good Company Should Be Kept Comfortable

It’s very easy to get lost on the details that are under the hood, but realistically this isn’t where you’re going to spend most of your time. You, and your passengers are kept in comfort inside the Triton. The curve at the back of the cab gives the back seat a pitch that makes the seats extremely comfortable, especially when compared to the Triton’s competitors with straight lined back seats that can lead to back pain on those longer journeys. This is great, because passengers, especially those in the back seat, often feel like an afterthought in car design. But the Triton has taken your company into consideration. For instance, the slot style air ventilation as opposed to the center console vents of the Triton’s competitors provides a superior level of climate control within your vehicle, while also providing passengers with the ability to control their own fans to their liking. These considerations for both driver and passenger extend to many different features including the fact that the Triton offers multiple 12-volt USB connections, two of which are for rear seat passengers.


A Workhorse Built for Everyday Practicality

While in the past utes were predominantly thought of as work vehicles, many people are switching out their sedans for the versatility of an SUV or even utes. With this in mind, the Triton ticks all the boxes for work, play and everyday life. A dual cab 4x4 that provides single digit fuel efficiency means that it has the capabilities of playing the role of work vehicle and daily driver. There are multiple features that have been put in place with family in mind and to make your life easier. For instance, it has been stated that the Triton’s zip-enclosed anchors make it the easiest ute for installing child safety seats. The large tray holds 30 shopping bags, whereas the Nissan Nirvara and Toyota Hilux can only hold 24 and 29 respectively. But what about those tight shopping center car parks? Triton has you covered by having the tightest turning circle on the market - coming in at 11.8m. This makes it perfect for navigating narrow Auckland streets, yards, and getting into spaces in tight supermarket car parks. And there’s no need to worry about messy kids (or adults!) when models such as the GLX have simple plastic floors underneath their carpeted mats to make cleaning a breeze.

Tradies and families alike often prefer the fact that the Triton is not as tall as some of its competitors. With roof racks added, the cargo is much easier to access, whether to load, unload or adjust. As with the other features covered in this blog, removing these little frustrations can really add up to an incredible experience.


Easy to Drive and Maintain. Even Easier on the Wallet

Did you know that the Triton doesn’t require you to add Blue to the diesel tank? Not only is this more convenient, it also makes it a cheaper vehicle to run. On top of this, the GLS Black Edition model’s Super Select 4WD system can drive on 4WD High on tarmac 24/7 without any issues. This is great for people that want to take advantage of the Triton’s towing power if they own a boat or caravan. This doesn't affect your manufacturer's warranty, which is incredible considering Mitsubishi has the most extensive warranty on the market. Super select also has four drive modes instead of three.  It shares 2WD High, 4WD High and 4WD High with central differential lock with Easy Select, but additionally features 4WD Low with centre differential lock. This gives the ute a real low-down crawling ability. It truly is astounding, and it simply adds to Mitsubishi's reputation for offering some of the best 4WD systems in the world

So if you’re ready for a ute that fits multiple factors of your lifestyle and does so with style, grace and affordability, look no further than Mitsubishi’s range of Triton utes. Let the expert team at Simon Lucas Mitsubishi guide you to find the perfect vehicle for work, family life, or to go on an adventure. Get in contact to book a test drive from our Auckland showroom today.


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