The Outlander PHEV is impressive to say the least. But how impressive? It’s easier to tell if we stack it up against the famed Toyota Prius.

Starting with the primary drive function, the PHEV’s electric motors are assisted by the petrol motor whereas the Prius’ electric motor only assists the petrol motor.

Speaking of petrol, the PHEV is cheaper to fill, as it takes 91. The Prius can’t take anything lower than 95.

The PHEV uses its two electric motors to run the front and rear wheels respectively. The Prius’ electric motor will only kick in to assist the petrol motor if full power is needed or to run the front wheels at low speeds.

The Prius stocks an on-board 1.3kwh Nickel-Metal-Hydride battery that charges by regenerative breaking. That’s pretty cool, until you find out the PHEV packs a 12kwh Lithium-Ion battery that charges by regenerative breaking, wall socket and generator.

When talking basic capacities, the PHEV out-does the Prius with 1.9L fuel consumption per 100km(versus 2.9), an all-electric range of up to 52km and a braked tow capacity of 750kg.

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