2020 New Outlander PHEV 2L VRX 4WD

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  • Green Car of the Year from the National Business Review
  • Best Medium SUV from NZ Company Vehicle magazine

Meet the new Mitsubishi SUV that changes the electric car forever. Outlander Plug-in Hybrid combines the comfort, style and safety of the Mitsubishi Outlander with technology from the Pajero and fabled Lancer Evolution X. It truly is a vehicle without compromise.

The numbers

$0.30/litre equivalent - Using a residential off-peak electricity rate
54 - The kilometres the vehicle can travel on a full charge
20 min - DC fast charge to 80%
6.5 - The hours needed to charge the car
$364 - Electricity costs per year (based on 38 kilometres travelled each day)
$280 - Fuel costs per year (based on EECA tests)
6 Star - The Energywise rating from EECA

Seriously Fast-Charge

When you're out and about, you can fast-charge Outlander PHEV to 80% capacity in just 20 minutes. Fast charge stations are popping up around the country, with a new site added nearly every two weeks. Just plug in and the high current DC charge system will get you charged up faster than ever before. Find a station near you. 

Three driving modes

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV will be able to be operated in any of the three mode. Depending on driving conditions and battery level, the Outlander's Plug-in Hybrid EV powertrain automatically selects the optimum drive mode so you can enjoy worry free, fuel-efficient motoring:

  • First mode will be as an all-electric vehicle, with the front and rear electric motors driving the Outlander using battery power only.
  • The second mode will be as a series hybrid, with the petrol engine working as a generator to supply electricity to the motors.
  • The third mode will be as a parallel hybrid, where the petrol engine will provide most of the motive power and will be assisted by the electric motors as required.

With the ability to drive 54 km in EV mode, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has a total extended hybrid range of more than 600 km.

2.0L Engine

A small yet powerful 2.0L MiVEC petrol engine has been selected for its quiet Electric Vehicle cruising potential and its ability to supply the two the electric motors with electricity.

The ultimate parking aid

The Multi Around View Monitor on VRX uses four cameras to give you a complete picture of what’s around you. Choose a specific angle or a bird’s eye view for the easiest park you’ve ever experienced.

Forward Collision Mitigation

Radar is used to identify obstructions ahead and warn of a potential collision. If the risk remains, this system applies the brakes to mitigate a collision.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Now, when the vehicle in front alters its speed, so does your cruise control. A radar mounted in the grille matches Outlander’s cruise control speed to whatever you’re following with appropriate adjustments of brake or accelerator.

Daytime running lights

For added safety and improved visibility, Outlander features daytime running lights. The headlights are now LED, which use less energy and increase the vehicle’s overall efficiency.

Keeping you out of harm's way

An innovation to help keep you out of harm’s way is the new mis-acceleration prevention system. While manoeuvring forwards or backwards, should the driver accidentally stamp on the gas pedal instead of the brake a device senses if there’s something in the way and instantly disables the throttle.

Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System

An alarm function alerts pedestrians near the vehicle when driving with the engine off (because the vehicle runs so quietly). The alarm has a different pitch depending on vehicle speed.


Unlike many hybrid vehicles the Outlander Plug-In Hybrid is tow rated to 1000kg braked and unbraked.


8 Year Battery Warranty

The peace of mind you want from a Plug-in Hybrid EV is amply catered for by the 8 year/160,000km battery warranty. Combined with the 5 year/ 100,000km mechanical warranty, it adds up to a very reassuring drive.


5 Year / 100,000Km comprehensive Manufacturer’s Warranty plus 5 Years Premium Roadside Assist
5 year/100,000km - This is your comprehensive Manufacturer’s Warranty that covers your Outlander Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle.†
† Subject to free evaluation at your Mitsubishi Motors Dealer prior to 36 months of ownership
5 Years Premium Roadside Assist - In the event of a roadside breakdown or if you’ve just locked your keys in the car, this feature of the Outlander Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Warranty comes to your rescue.