Why Get Your Service from Simon Lucas North Shore?

What to Look for in a Car Service Centre

There are so many options when it comes to having your car serviced that it can be difficult to know what to look for in a service centre. There are independent mechanics, specialist tyre centres, manufacturer dealerships and all manner of overlapping businesses in the space. Some centres will service all makes and models, others are more specific, and some will only service certain aspects of your vehicle.

Almost every service centre will offer a standard Warrant of Fitness inspection and service, however some will include extra components. Depending on your values, your budget, and who you speak to, you could be led to believe that any of these options are the most appropriate for your next car service. In this article, we will outline some key elements of a good Mitsubishi service centre and the main reasons why you need to regularly service your car with us to help make your choice less daunting.

We Save You Money because We Are Mitsubishi Trained Experts

We are factory trained experts using the Mitsubishi dedicated equipment to pick up minor issues before they become serious and expensive to fix.

We Save You Time & Money because We Do Software Updates

Modern cars are increasingly dependent upon interconnected computer systems. Much like your phone we do software updates that improve the performance of various systems on your vehicle to ensure it runs as efficiently as possible saving you money and time.

We Save You Money, Time & Hassle because We Have Mitsubishi Diagnostic Tools and Product Knowledge

These days, diagnosing car troubles necessarily goes beyond physical tuning and inspection, and specialist electronic devices and professional knowledge are required. Mitsubishi utilises a highly specific computer system that needs to be analysed by specific diagnostic tools.

We, at Simon Lucas North Shore, are specialists in diagnosis and have Mitsubishi product knowledge which means reduced labour time and more precision so lower cost and less wasted time for you. The new generations of hybrid electric vehicles such as Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV can present challenges to independent mechanics without the advantages of manufacturer dealership’s parts sourcing, diagnostic tools and product knowledge.

We Save You Hassle because We Use Genuine Parts that Fit and Work First Time

True vegetarians would never touch meat. Just like Mitsubishis should never touch non-genuine parts and accessories. This is to ensure that all parts fit correctly and work perfectly – first time.

At Simon Lucas North Shore, we have all the best Mitsubishi parts and accessories that your vehicle will just love. Your Mitsubishi will thank you by running better and lasting longer.

We are committed to delivering value for money so we offer the right price and deliver your Mitsubishi parts on time meaning less downtime for you or your business.

We Save You Money & Hassle because Your Warranty Remains Valid

A regular service done with a Mitsubishi authorised dealership like Simon Lucas North Shore ensures your car warranty remains valid. Get your vehicle regularly serviced and fitted with Mitsubishi parts and accessories by our team of experts and rest easy with our 10-year Diamond Advantage Warranty – still safely yours. Combine this with our 2-year 40,000k parts warranty, and you have a winning combination.

We Save You Time because We Do Fleet Servicing

If you operate a fleet of vehicles with your business or are planning to, then fleet maintenance is something you need to arrange with your Mitsubishi dealership. A dealership and car service centre that offers fleet servicing is one that truly believes in the integrity and workmanship of their work.

Often, a large percentage of all routine maintenance requirements and loan vehicles are included in the fleet servicing package. Fleet servicing comes with all kinds of perks like early morning servicing (6.30am), dedicated staff support contacts, and custom finance plans to meet the needs of your business.

We Save You Hassle because We Offer a Free Safety Check

When you plan a road trip especially before school holidays you need to think of your car wellbeing too. Is your Mitsubishi ready for hitting the road? There are 10 points to safety when it comes to your vehicle, if you haven't ticked them off your list, we can do it for you! We at Simon Lucas North Shore are offering all our Mitsubishi customers a free safety check, so call us on 09 4439873 to book your appointment! 

Get Your Service from Simon Lucas North Shore

Located at the corner of Wairau and Target Roads in Glenfield, Simon Lucas North Shore has one of the the largest selection of passenger and commercial vehicles available on Auckland’s North Shore. We are one of New Zealand’s largest and most awarded Diamond Mitsubishi Motor Dealerships. Nonetheless, our spacious service centre cares for all makes and models, and our experienced expert mechanics are among the best in the country.

Whether you’re in the market for a standard service check-up or you have specific vehicle issues, let us take care of you. Call us today to book on a service on 0800 005 736, or contact us online.