Chrome headlamp garnish attached next to Mitsubishi Mirage headlight

Mirage Chrome Headlamp Garnish

This stylish accessory adds a touch of class to the exterior appearance of your vehicle.

Tail lamp garnish for Mitsubishi Mirage, with chrome finish

Mirage Chrome Tail Lamp Garnish

This stylish accessory adds a touch of class to the exterior appearance of your vehicle.

Chrome tailgate garnish for Mitsubishi Mirage, attached to hatch, and seen from rear of car

Mirage Chrome Tailgate Garnish

Another very useful accessory that has been engineered to help prevent damage to your vehicle's tailgate edge. The tailgate protector comes in a chrome look finish and mounts on the bottom edge of the tailgate and protects your paintwork.

Close up of front daylight running lamp garnish for Mitsubishi Mirage

Mirage DRL Lamp Garnish Kit

Aggressive carbon look air dam for front of Mirage

Mirage Front Air Dam

Add an aggressive yet stylish personality to your Mirage with this Front Air Dam.

Front mud flap showing on Mitsubishi Mirage with wheel angled

Mirage Front Mud Flap Set

Mudflaps help to protect your Mirage’s body work from paint chips caused from stones and other obstacles that are flung out from beneath the tyres. These mudflaps also help keep the Mirage body cleaner in muddy conditions as they reduce the amount of dirt and mud being flung back onto the vehicle’s body.

Close up of circular parking assist sensor applied to Mitsubishi Mirage

Mirage Parking Assist Kit, Front & Rear

This is a very useful feature when parking. A series of audible beeps indicates how close your vehicle is to an object, helping you judge the distance to obstacles when parking. The sensors integrate perfectly into the Mirage’s front bumper.

Carbon look rear air dam skirt for Mirage

Mirage Rear Air Dam

Supplied in black material but able to be painted to match the colour of your stylish Mirage.

Rear bumper protector applied to top of Mitsubishi Mirage bumper

Mirage Rear Bumper Protector

This Rear Bumper Protector is both functional and attractive. A popular addition to your Mirage.

Four small circular parking assist sensors circled on the rear bumper of a Mitsubishi Mirage

Mirage Rear Park Assist Kit

A very useful feature when reversing. A series of audible beeps indicate how close the vehicle is to an object, assisting you to judge the distance of your Mirage to obstacles when reversing or parking. The sensors integrate perfectly into the Mirage’s rear bumper. Contact your local Dealer for colour options.

Side skirt air dam with carbon look, on Mitsubishi Mirage

Mirage Side Air Dam

These Side Air Dams will add an aggressive and racy look to your vehicle. The Side Air Dams fit perfectly and have an integrated design that will give the appearance of a ground-hugging stance and visually make the car look lower and more athletic. The Side Air Dams are made from the highest quality materials and tested to Mitsubishi’s stringent standards to ensure they will not bend or crack.

Carbon look side pillar trim on door of Mitsubishi Mirage

Mirage Side Pillar Trim

Monsoon shield weather covers fitted to the doors of Mitsubishi Mirage

Mirage Weather Shield Set (Set of 4)

Weather Shields deter rain and run-off water and wind noise from entering the cabin. This allows you to drive with your window slightly open during rainy-conditions without the fear of water coming into the cabin.

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