Firework Safety for Pets

Guy Fawkes Night is this Sunday, November 5th.  It has become an occasion signalling the coming of summer and a chance for family and friends to get together and take in the excitement of spectacular fireworks.

dog and fireworks

This is also an important time to remember all our furry friends.  Keep your pets happy and safe this weekend. SPCA recommends that at least one family member should stay home on Guy Fawkes Night to keep pets company and to comfort and reassure them. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. KEEP THEM INDOORS. Try to keep your pets inside throughout the night.  Give them plenty of exercise during the day, and a chance to go to the toilet.
  2. KEEP CALM. Don’t punish your pets for being scared of the fireworks.  If you stay calm and ignore it, they will learn to do the same.
  3. DROWN OUT THE NOISE. Turn on the radio or music, or turn up the Television to muffle the sounds of the fireworks.
  4. IDENTIFICATION. Make sure your pet is wearing its identification tag in case it gets out and runs away or gets lost.
  5. HIDING PLACES. Create or let your pet use their safe place to hide with bedding or blankets so they can feel safe and secure. Don’t try to lure them out as it can make them more stressed.
  6. REDUCE STARTLING LIGHT FLASHES. To reduce the amount of flashes your pet can be startled by, close curtains or blinds and turn on inside lights.