Outlander PHEV VRX 4WD


This is NZ’s best-selling EV/PHEV vehicle allowing you to fast charge it in 20 minutes to 80% and drive 54km in pure electric mode. This model brings you the luxury you expect, the features that make life easy, and economy and efficiency you’ve never seen before.

Special Price $55,990 + delivery costs
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  • 19RE_PHEV_EU_LHD_7.08_white_master
    Overseas model shown
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  • Parallel Mode
    Parallel Mode
  • Series Hybrid Mode
    Series Hybrid Mode
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  • 19RE_PHEV_EU_LHD_7.03_white_master
  • 19RE_PHEV_EU_LHD_7.02_white_master
  • 19RE_PHEV_EU_LHD_7.01_white_master

Standard Features

Outlander PHEV VRX 4WD
  • 4 camera Multi Around-View Monitor System,
  • Leather appointed seats,
  • Heated and Powered Driver’s Seats,
  • LED fog lamps,
  • Power tailgate,
  • Blind Spot warning,
  • Ultrasonic mis-acceleration system,
  • Front parking sensors,
  • LED headlamps,
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • DC fast charge in approx. 20 min (to 80%)
  • 1 tonne towing capacity
  • CO2 Emissions 39 gram/km
  • Fuel Economy 1.7 lt/100km

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