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Is the New Outlander Sport Your Perfect Family SUV?
Just when you thought you’d found your family dream car in an Outlander, Mitsubishi has brought the all-new Outlander Sport to the market. It has a 2.4L MIVEC Petrol Engine and on-demand 4WD plus a factory-fitted black body kit. This limited-edition vehicle has made waves across New Zealand for its stunning interior, stylish exterior and unmatched safety upgrades.   In this article, the…
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Fieldays is coming
Fieldays is coming! With Mystery Creek’s annual Fieldays event just under one month away (June 12th-16­­th), Mitsubishi has announced possibly their most compelling Triton 4wd offer ever – just $39,990 + delivery costs for a Triton GLX-R 4wd manual (detailed below). This 2019 Fieldays is shaping up to be the Mitsubishi’s most competitive performance yet,…
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An Overview of The Mitsubishi Outlander
An Overview of The Mitsubishi Outlander The Mitsubishi Outlander is one of the most fascinating cars on the New Zealand market. It is a medium sized SUV with a diverse range of models and specifications, allowing it to fit the bill of everything from a basic 2WD to a luxury petrol-electric hybrid. Therefore, it should…
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