Triton VRX Double Cab 2WD Auto

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The spectacular Triton VRX 2WD

For a hard working ute that’s big on luxury and specs, you can’t go past the Triton VRX 2WD. It’s got the goods to get the job done, keep you comfortable and look the business. The 2.4L MIVEC diesel winds out a big 437Nm of torque, and makes you smile at the pump with 7.5L per 100km efficiency. The big 17” alloys look smart, while getting in and starting up is easy, thanks to keyless operation. Leather seats, heated in the front, keep you comfortable, while New Zealand’s best warranty has got you covered at all times.

Totally connected

Everything you need on your phone is now integrated with your Triton. Just plug your iPhone or Android in and make phone calls, navigate, send and receive messages and play music through your phone on the large touch screen. Voice command lets you keep your attention on the road. It's very smart, and wonderfully simple.

Leather, heated seats

After a day’s work, or on a long drive, you’ll appreciate the smooth feel of the leather seats. On cold mornings, the heating under the driver and passenger seats will be very welcome. The driver’s seat is even power-assisted.

Top transmission

The 5-speed automatic transmission with Sports Mode is the perfect unit to send all that power to the wheels. It’s smooth, responsive and can even drive like a manual when you engage Sports Mode.

3 tonne towing

A whole array of technology comes together to create Triton’s renowned towing ability. You’ve got the torque, the braking power and even Trailer Stability Assist to let you tow up to 3.0 tonnes with ease- and in safety. Tow bar sold as optional accessory.

Wipers and lights, all automatic

Triton VRX 2WD is a smart as it is rugged, with headlamps that sense failing light and wipers that activate the moment rain touches the windscreen.

The best of both climates

To keep you and your passengers completely comfortable, Triton VRX 2WD offers Dual Zone Climate Control. Whether it’s mid-summer swelter, or snow up to the door line, your Triton will keep it outside where it belongs.

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