Triton Double Cab 4WD GLXR Manual

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The heart of the beast

Our most advanced diesel engine gives Triton 4WD GLX-R the output you need to see just about any job off. You've got 437Nm of torque and 135kW of power. Coupled with a manual transmission, you'll wring every last scrap of power and enjoy complete control of the engine in rough terrain.

Nice set of wheels

A ute that gets the job done is must, but it also needs to scrub up and look its best. The 17" alloy rims give the vehicle a smart look and a confident stance.

Easy on the fuel

Despite the excellent output, the diesel engine is very efficient. On the open road or around town, you can expect to use only 7.2L per 100km.

Sound and sight on the touchscreen

The large touch screen gives you complete control of the audio system. Just plug your phone or mp3 player in, or pick a radio station, and turn it up. You can also see what's going on behind you on the reversing camera- great for hooking up a trailer or parking in tight spaces.

One safe ute

Not only can Triton 4WD GLX-R take you pretty much anywhere, it'll keep you safe. You've got 7 airbags, Active Traction and Stability Control, ABS brakes and an easily-earned 5 star safety rating.

Tough Towing

There are many features that come into play to let you tow easily and safely. First, the engine’s power and torque which accommodates 3.1 tonnes, no problem (braked tow capacity). Quite importantly, so will the brakes. There’s also Trailer Stability Assist to make sure your load is always in line. VRX model shown

Keep your speed down

To ensure you don’t go over the speed limit when you’re on the road, Triton features a driver adjustable speed limiter.

Easy Select on 4WD

Easy Select allows you to change traction modes on the move. The three settings give you ultimate economy from 2WD, right down to serious stump-pulling low range 4WD.

RISE body design

Mitsubishi’s Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution body design, or RISE, makes Triton stiff and, therefore, safer in a collision. It means that the cabin area keeps its shape, while energy of the impact is transferred away. A stiff chassis also makes for better driving and handling of large loads.




Mitsubishi All Terrain Technology, commonly known as MATT, is a combination of traction systems. It’s what enables Triton to tow, haul and operate in all terrains, just as the name implies. It’s something that we developed in the Paris–Dakar rally. It worked so well it made sense to put it on our other vehicles. On or off-road, there’s no surer way of keeping control.

Active Traction Control (ATC)

ATC reacts immediately to loss of traction, maintaining your line around a corner or obstacle. If a wheel slips, ATC applies brake force to that wheel and sends power to the others. It means you keep traction on even the loosest surface. Now, there’s also a new off-road mode to keep you safer in the worst conditions.

Active Stability Control (ASC)

To combat over- or under-steer, this system senses when to apply brakeforce or engine power to each wheel independently. This keeps you on the best and safest line through a corner. You wouldn’t want to hit the road or track without it.

Multi-mode Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD)

This system lets you steer away from danger while you brake hard. The EBD side of things senses the vehicle attitude and the surface you’re on and sends the optimal amount of brakeforce to each wheel. It’s the best way to avoid unexpected hazards.

Trailer Stability Assist System

Trailers tend to be unstable things. Mitsubishi’s Trailer Stability Assist system brings them back into line. Sensors detect sway, brakeforce is applied to the appropriate wheel and engine power is adjusted to stabilise the motion. The stop lamp is illuminated while the brake control of Trailer Stability Assist System operates.

Big brakes

With the remarkable engine on board, Triton goes. Thanks to big ventilated front disc and rear drum brakes, it stops just as well.


Here’s another innovative feature that’s there just in case. If you unintentionally hit your accelerator pedal as well as your brake in an emergency situation, the new SmartBrake system spots the error, cancels out the message from the gas pedal and puts full concentration on your braking.

Hill start assist

This technology makes it easier to start off a steep uphill slope by preventing the vehicle from rolling backwards. It maintains the braking force for two seconds while you move your foot from the brake to the accelerator.



Welcoming interior

After a day of serious slog you’ll enjoy stepping, or collapsing, into new Triton’s supremely comfortable interior. Everywhere you look, or sit, you’ll find advanced, redesigned features. Every model offers new sports bucket seats, which are wider and more supportive. You’ll find long drives are no effort at all. You’ll also find them much quieter. The cabin is the perfect environment to enjoy music or footy commentary, from the radio and CD player audio system. Visibility is excellent, with large well-positioned windows.

All the room you need

All-new Triton has extra space where you need it most. There’s more leg and head room, plus more foot space under the front seats. In fact, the cabin itself is bigger in just about every direction. Have yourself a seat and you’ll see what we mean.

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