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The all-new Pajero Sport is coming next week! It is truly the ultimate SUV in its class.

Pajero Sport is the most advanced Mitsubishi ever, exclusively incorporating new Mitsubishi technologies. Pajero Sport provides an unparalleled level of design, comfort, quality and performance all within one SUV!

Unveiled back in August in Thailand, where the new-generation mid-size SUV is built, the strong Pajero Sport receives the best of the Pajero brand, from sporty yet refined exterior lines, powerful performance and sculpted seats to a full pack of active and passive safety features.
The Pajero Sport welds the new ‘dynamic shield’ front face, nurtured through successive Pajero series, into a stylish design that puts it in a class of its own.
The Pajero Sport incorporates many firsts for a Mitsubishi vehicle:

- new 8-speed automatic transmission,
- electric parking brake,
- high T centre console,
- Blind Spot Warning system (BSW),
- Hill Descent (HDC),
- Off Road Mode, letting the driver dial in snow or rocks or gravel to achieve maximum traction.

Mitsubishi’s unique RISE (reinforced impact safety evolution) body design and seven airbags provide outstanding passive safety.
Active safety features include:
- the blind spot warning system
- forward collision mitigation braking
- four-camera all-round monitoring.

Whether iPhone or Android is your thing, the Smartphone link display audio helps you stay totally connected. Smart, safe and simple, it allows Android Auto or Apple CarPlay to run through the car’s display audio screen, presenting a familiar Smartphone interface. Phone calls, music, navigation (with maps always up to date) and messages all come to life on the 7- inch display screen.
You can use all that Bluetooth offers too, of course, voicing and listening to messages and texts hands-free, and playing content you’ve stored on USB and HDMI devices.

IN BRIEF: Some of Pajero Sport’s smarts.

Hill start assist Prevents you rolling backwards when starting on a steep uphill slope. The system briefly keeps the brake on while you move your foot across to the accelerator.
Blind spot warning If on a multi-lane road another vehicle creeps into your blind spot, sensors blink a door mirror indicator and sound a warning buzzer.
Electric parking brake No effort’s needed to apply the park brake: one touch of a switch and it’s on (sensing the force required to manage the steepness of the slope) or off.
Smartbrake If in emergency braking you accidentally also hit the accelerator the system cancels out the message from the gas pedal, and concentrates on braking.
Speed-sensitive door locks Curious kids will be curious kids, so doors lock at above 15 km/h.
Towing Class-leading 3,100 kg braked towing capability, with trailer stability assist ready to automatically minimise risk of sway.
8-speed auto transmission Class-leading, and first 8-speed auto on a Mitsubishi. Helps extract engine power more efficiently for smooth acceleration and lower fuel use.
RISE Pajero Sport maximises Mitsubishi’s ‘RISE’ crash safety body construction, with 30% of the body built in high tensile steel to support cabin integrity and promote weight reduction.
Seven airbags provide outstanding passive safety.
Ultrasonic mis-acceleration mitigation system Constantly senses nearby objects as you manoeuvre your VRX model into a tight parking space. Accelerate when you mean to brake and the system restrains engine output.
Forward collision mitigation When a vehicle ahead of your VRX slows and you haven’t yet braked, the system slows you down to avoid a collision, halting you completely if necessary. Multi around view monitor VRX gives you a bird’s eye view of where you’re trying to park, with four cameras combining images on-screen.
Off-road mode Dial in gravel, mud/snow, sand or rock to maximise performance: this new system optimises traction parameters - wheelspin, transmission, brake force and engine power - for maximum off-road capability.
Super Select II The 4WD system constantly enhanced on Pajero ensures full on-road/off- road capability. The centre diff allows 4WD to be engaged on tarmac.
Hill descent control This technology holds the vehicle to a constant speed on a steep gradient, letting the driver concentrate on steering while descending safely.
On the road, in the water Pajero Sport comfortably wades through a 700mm, thigh-high stream.
Smartphone link display audio Pajero Sport drivers will be first to enjoy Mitsubishi’s new Smartphone link display audio, their phone running Android Auto or Apple CarPlay through the display audio screen: safely, simply accessing (by touch or by voice) up-to-date navigation or other apps, making and receiving phone calls and sending and receiving text messages.
Diamond Advantage Warranty Pajero Sport owners benefit from New Zealand’s best new car warranty and customer care: five-year/130,000km new vehicle warranty with premium roadside assist, and ten-year/160,000km powertrain warranty.


Powertrain: 2.4 litre 437Nm DiD turbodiesel, 8-speed automatic transmission.
Output: Power 135kW @ 3500rpm, torque 437Nm @ 2500 rpm
Average fuel consumption:8 L/100km.
CO2 emissions: 208g/km.
Safety: Five-star ANCAP safety rating.
Tow rating (braked): 3,100kg.
Recommended retail prices (plus on-road costs):
XLS $58,990
VRX $63,990