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Meet the stunning new face of Mitsubishi.

Wherever new Outlander takes you, you’ll always arrive looking your best. Elegant new styling outside, a wealth of luxury features inside and efficient engine options make for the most civilised driving experience yet.

5 or 7 seats

Whatever combination of passengers and luggage you need to carry, new Outlander will accommodate with 5 or 7 seat options available.

Better engines, including diesel

Choose from MIVEC 2.0L or 2.4L Petrol engines, or the 2.2L Diesel - all blessed with outstanding power and economy.

Higher efficiency, lower emissions

Clean engines, effective airflow, light materials and technologies that help you drive efficiently all reduce new Outlander's footprint.

More refined inside

Comfort, ergonomics, intuitive instrument layout and elegant design come together seamlessly in the all-new cabin.

Power tailgate

If you've got your arms full or any of the other hundred reasons why you might not be able to open the tailgate by hand, just press a button on the key fob and it automatically opens for you.

Reversing camera

Reversing camera on the dash display comes standard on all models.


More efficient than ever

Outlander’s new improved CVT transmission has made for an impressive fuel economy. The transmission shifts smoother, accelerates faster & is more responsive. All of this contributes to a better fuel economy of 6.2L-7.2L across the range of Outlander models. These savings are achieved through the integrated application of aerodynamics above and below the vehicle, MIVEC technology in petrol models, reduced weight and the Eco Drive Support System: a new technology that promotes economical driving. The end result is the best fuel economy in an SUV with seven seats, as well as lower emissions.

MIVEC Petrol Engines

Choose from the MIVEC 2.0L Petrol engine with 112 kW of power and 193 Nm of torque with a fuel economy of just 6.7L/100km (156 CO2 g/km), or the MIVEC 2.4L Petrol engine with 126 kW of power and 224 Nm of torque with a fuel economy of 7.2L/100km (167 CO2 g/km).

Diesel Engine

Outlander is also available in a 2.2L Diesel engine with 112 kW of power and 366 Nm of torque with a fuel economy of just 6.2L/100km (162 C02 g/km).

Aerodynamic across every surface

Thanks to smart design and testing, the eye moves as easily across the bodywork as the oncoming air. The coefficient of drag is just 0.33.

Airflow The bumper, roof and underside allow air to pass over smoothly. The rear end avoids turbulence- a major source of drag.

Lighter body, higher efficiency

High-tensile steel plates throughout the body, combined with lighter suspension makes the body even safer.

Eco Mode Control

Eco Mode makes the transmission shift up sooner and down later, while reducing the sensitivity of the accelerator pedal.

Efficiency throughout The engine, air conditioning and 4 wheel drive system are monitored and optimised to save fuel wherever possible.

Eco Drive Support System Display

The driver is presented with two displays, which give real-time feedback on how efficient the driving style is, or could be.

Eco Drive Assist shows the current status of how economically you are driving. This is shown in a simple bar graph.

Eco Score uses information from Eco Drive Assist to rate and help you improve your environmentally-friendly driving skills. This appears as a plant with five leaves. As your driving becomes more efficient, you'll see more leaves light up across the range.

Enhanced handling, superb ride

Outlander’s improved road-holding is at the very core of its design. The body is stiffer to make it more sure-footed. The suspension has been upgraded and the steering refined to create a driving experience befitting the vehicle’s sophisticated appearance.

Choose smooth, or incredibly smooth transmission

The Outlander range brings you Mitsubishi’s proven transmission and drivetrain options. The INVECS III transmission in a 6 speed CVT for 2WD and 4WD petrol models and 6 speed automatic on 4WD diesel models.


Super safe

New Outlander exceeds 5 Star ANCAP safety requirements. So you’ll find Mitsubishi’s RISE body construction, ABS, Active Stability Control, Active Traction Control, Hill Start Assist and 7 airbags across the range. Then, there are the advanced safety features Mitsubishi-Assist, a clever system that incorporates Adaptive Cruise Control and Forward Collision Mitigation found on VRX models. Whichever model you select, new Outlander is a very safe choice indeed.

RISE. Keeping everyone safe.

All Mitsubishi vehicles feature Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution body design, or RISE. In new Outlander, it's the best expression ever of this safety design principle. RISE offers increased safety in a collision by absorbing impact in some areas and redirecting it away from others. The front fenders are even shaped to keep pedestrians safer.

7 SRS airbags

Whichever angle an impact is encountered, there's an airbag to counter its effects. There are front airbags for driver and passenger, driver's knee airbag, plus side and curtain airbags.

Electronic Control Four Wheel Drive System

4WD Auto Conditions have a habit of changing without warning. With 4WD Auto, your traction system changes with them. It improves grip and makes turning smoother.

4WD Lock Sometimes, conditions hit rock-bottom. Or mud-bottom. 4WD Lock gets you out safely.

Hill Start Assist

If you’re on a steep hill, this system applies the brakes for a few seconds while you move your foot from brake to accelerator, preventing roll back. How civilised.

Active Traction Control (ATC)

This system is a feature of Active Stability Control and responds immediately to loss of traction. By braking the wheel that’s slipping and sending power to the others, it means you keep the path you intended as you turn or negotiate tricky surfaces.

Active Stability Control (ASC)

Maintains stability and control when cornering, by automatically recognising under-steer and over-steer. It applies brakes to the appropriate wheels to keep you online through corners.

Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD)

This technology reduces stopping distances by detecting passengers or heavier loads and automatically increases rear-braking force.

Multi-mode Anti Lock Braking System (ABS)

This allows you to manoeuvre around objects under heavy braking conditions. Outlander’s intelligent 4-channel, 4-sensor braking system works in conjunction with the drive mode to monitor different wheel speeds and activate brakes to individual wheels when required to deliver superior control.

Mitsubishi-Assist on VRX

This is the final word in driving safety. Mitsubishi-Assist ensures maximum safety in many driving scenarios. It incorporates 2 systems.

Adaptive Cruise Control - ACC Now, when the vehicle in front alters its speed, so does your cruise control. A radar mounted in the grille matches Outlander's cruise control speed to whatever you're following with appropriate adjustments of brake or accelerator.

Forward Collision Mitigation - FCM Once again, radar is used to identify obstructions ahead and warn of a potential collision. If the risk remains, this system applies the brakes to mitigate a collision.

Daytime running lights

For added safety and improved visibility, Outlander features daytime running lights. The headlights are now LED, which use less energy and increase the vehicle’s overall efficiency.

Reversing camera

Reversing sensors and camera standard on all models.

Emergency Stop Signal

All models come standard with an Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) which flashes the rear high-mount stop light under heavy braking to warn following drivers.


Superior interior

The completely redesigned cabin is a very welcoming place to be. From within this cossetted space, there's almost no hint of the off-road ability at your command. You won’t hear it either, thanks to exceptional sound-proofing. Windows are thicker and sound proofing materials make for a very calming drive. Every surface, from seats to roof uses smarter materials for a premium finish. Driver comfort is ensured with wrap-around dash, intuitive instrument clustering and power steering with tilt and telescopic wheel. Passengers are catered to with dual zone air conditioning on XLS and VRX models and can enjoy music on the USB, Bluetooth™ streaming or CD via a high power 6 speaker sound system.

Superior soundproofing

Every model now has the improved soundproofing of the remarkably quiet Outlander Plug-In Hybrid. This is achieved with thicker glass, including the windscreen, and insulation strategically placed throughout the vehicle.

Smart steering wheel

Across the Outlander range, you’ll find a sleek new leather steering wheel. Not only is it very nice to use, it also houses the controls for the integrated BluetoothTM, audio system and cruise control.

One-touch start

All models, with the exception of LS 2WD, make fumbling for keys a thing of the past. Simply push the start button, and go.


New Outlander is a vehicle you can live with, very comfortably indeed. That's because it adapts to any situation you might encounter. There's increased cargo space, which is easily accessed by the key fob-operated power tailgate on VRX models. The seats fold flat for even more space and when you need to fit in more passengers, the third row of seats folds out of the floor. They're real seats too, every bit as comfortable as the second row. All Outlanders come with a touch screen audio system with integrated rear view camera and hands-free Bluetooth™ and for the first time satellite navigation is now available on VRX models.

Power tailgate for easy access on VRX models

If you've got your arms full or any of the other hundred reasons why you might not be able to open the tailgate by hand, just press a button on the key fob and it automatically opens for you.

Touch Screen Audio and Navigation on VRX

New Outlander gives you comfort, performance and efficiency in one very handsome package. This principle continues, with the touch screen audio system which combines audio controls, Bluetooth™ and rear view camera. VRX models now feature turn-by-turn satellite navigation- a first for Mitsubishi. Information is displayed in split screen mode on the large 7 inch touch screen and on the centre information display in the instrument cluster.

Space and versatility for all occupants

Whatever combination of passengers and luggage you need to carry, new Outlander will accommodate. If, for example, you need to use the 2nd row of seats and increase your cargo area, the entire row of seats will slide obligingly forwards by 250mm (XLS and VRX).

Serious cargo space

New Outlander offers a cavernous, long cargo area of 1685mm. The full size spare wheel is kept under the vehicle, so it doesn’t intrude on your storage space. XLS and VRX models have a completely flat floor, which is ideal for sliding big, awkward, heavy things in or out.

Very comfortable third row seating

When you need to carry people, the third row seats on XLS and VRX models are perfect. They're easy to access; you simply tilt the second row forward. They're also very comfortable, with two positions for the seat back. If you need more legroom, you slide the second row forward. If you need cargo space, they fold right on into the floor.