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Go in safety
There are airbags throughout, advanced braking systems, a monocoque body design and many other safety features, all of which add up to a very reassuring 5-Star ANCAP Safety rating.

Bigger engine, better performance

Lancer GTi offers you a step up in power, with the larger 2.4L engine. You’ll notice the improved straight line acceleration and the way it launches out of turns. The INVECS III automatic transmission sends all of Lancer GTi’s power to the 18” alloy wheels.

Take your seat

To hold you firmly in the corners, Lancer GTi features sports seats for driver and passenger. The dark cloth trim is smooth and comfortable, and the raised edges cradle your body. With enhanced sports suspension also on board, you’ll appreciate the extra support.

Nice wheels

Lancer GTi gets its substantial grip from the large 18” alloy wheels, which carry lower profile tyres and give the vehicle its aggressive stance. Housed within the wheels is the brake system, which has also had a boost in power.

No mistaking it's a GTi

Lancer GTi looks as good as it goes with decals you’ll recognise the moment it powers past. They complement the vehicle’s most aggressive angles. Inside, a chrome GTi badge by the gear lever is a hint of the ride to come.

Get to grips

The leather-wrapped steering wheel gives you superior feel and is very comfortable for long drives. You can change gears in an instant with the paddle shifts, and the controls for the 6-speaker audio system, hands free BluetoothTM and cruise control are at your fingertips.

Performance pedals

To make the vehicle even more responsive, the pedals are light alloy with a high-grip surface. Not only do they perform better, they look the part; enhancing the vehicle’s overall sporting appearance.

From the ground up, even the way it sticks to the ground, Lancer is one safe car. There is a comprehensive array of active and passive safety features all resulting in a very reassuring drive, and a 5-star ANCAP safety rating is also extremely comforting. All Lancers come with drivers, front passenger, side and curtain airbags as you’d expect. They also come with a driver’s knee airbag, a recent development that has been shown to reduce injury significantly.

The front airbags deploy in dual-stages, which means they inflate to minimise injury from the airbag itself.

Inside every Lancer you’re also protected by three-point ELR safety belts with pretensioners. This system reels in any slack in the belt before impact, then releases a small amount to reduce sudden shock to the body.

The Lancer’s 2.0L MIVEC Aluminum – block engine is an advanced design that’s both lightweight and powerful. It incorporates variable valve lift and timing on both exhaust and intake valves, delivering 115kW’s of power and drivability to meet your needs whatever the circumstances. Coupled to electronic power steering Lancer can achieve 7.2L/100km on the sedan.

INVECS III 6-speed CVT with Sport Mode

Lovers of automatics will be very happy with the INVECS III 6-speed CVT transmission with Sport Mode. It sounds hi-tech, which it is. But to drive, it’s simple as. Basically, CVT uses belts instead of cogs. There are no actual ‘gear changes’ just a seamless delivery of power, and plenty of it.

In Sport Mode, you can treat it like a manual and select the gears yourself.

Real road holding

The amount of rally-bred technology that goes into Lancer might seem like overkill. But as you turn into a good sharp corner, or swerve to avoid a sudden hazard, you’ll see why we went to all the trouble. Throughout the range, Lancer’s handling is firm, confident and predicable. It’s also fun, because we think life should be.

Active Stability Control (ASC)

Recently, there has been increasing demand for this feature, which is a very good thing. ASC comes into play in tough or sudden cornering situations and reduces the chance of over- or under-steer by controlling engine power and brakeforce. What it means for driver and passengers is a tighter and much safer handling experience.

Multi-mode Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution


This system lets you steer away from danger while you brake hard. The EBD system senses the vehicle attitude, even on wet uneven surfaces and sends the optimal amount of brakeforce to each wheel.

Active Traction Control (ATC)

This system stops driving wheels from losing traction and stepping out of line. It applies the brakes to the wheel that’s slipping and sends power to the other. It means you can stay on the route through the corner you intended.

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