Car Groom/Valet

Car Groom/Valet

Sometimes your vehicle needs a really good cleaning. Whether it is new or used, whether it is a car, SUV orute, whether it needs a good interior groom or a full valet, we are here to help you and do a great job.

Car cleaning service packages
Silver Valet includes:

  • clean & dress engine
  • full exterior wash
  • clean door jambs
  • drees tyres & trims
  • full boot clean
  • vacuum boot
  • interior scrub
  • dress interior vacuum
  • clean windows
Gold Valet includes:

  • all of the above plus
  • wax & polish paintwork
Diamond Valet includes:

  • all of the above plus
  • machine cut paintwork
Optional EXTRA:

Add Paint and Fabric/Leather protection to keep your car like new for longer

Dura-Seal Paint Protection

  • Forms an invisible barrier between your car's paintwork and the elements
  • Helps your paintwork keep its new car look longer
  • Protects your paintwork from the harmful effects of bird droppings, tree sap, atmospheric pollution and other naturally occurring contaminants
  • Makes cleaning your car quick and easy using just a sponge and clean running water
  • Saves you time and money by not having to wax or polish your car again.
Dura-Seal Fabric Protection

  • Resists everyday soiling and prevents spills frompermanently staining your fabric or carpets.
  • Helps your upholstery to retain its new look forlonger.
  • Saves you time by making your interior fabricseasy to clean.
  • Odour free, non-allergenic and child safe.
Dura-Seal Leather Protection

  • Prevents your leather from ageing prematurely,stops cracking and helps retain suppleness.
  • Removes and protects against everyday soilingand spills.
  • Repairs incidents of accidental damage such asCuts - Scratches - Burns - Ballpoint ink
  • Saves you time cleaning your leather upholstery.